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Online tuition is completely different from classroom learning: you set the agenda. Send me an email and we can work through what your requirements are and what we can provide.
Once you're happy that I can provide the service you require, you can book sessions using this handy scheduling tool and then make a payment via Paypal.  You can pay for an individual session or for a block of sessions at a discounted rate. 
Skype is a free video-calling package which you can download and use.  As well as the video call (or audio if you prefer) it is easy to share documents and also to display each other's desktop to demonstrate online tools, etc.  This is a user-friendly platform.
What will it cost?
Subject-specific onling tutoring sessions will be £25 per hour (discounts are available). This will be inclusive of some pre and post session work by the tutor.  Additional services like expert marking of practice papers and reviewing personal statements are priced seperately,  Help with extended written pieces (such as Extended Project Qualifications or undergraduate dissertations) will incur a negotiated  additional fee for non-contact time.

Why me?
I have 15 years A Level teaching experience, am a senior examiner for AQA and have a BA(Hons) in Politics and Sociology from York University and an MA and a PhD in Social History from Warwick University.
I am a highly-qualified (BA, MA, PhD, PGCE) and very experienced teacher and examiner.  I examine Government & Politics and Sociology for AQA (the latter as a senior examiner) as well as moderate Extended Project Qualifications.

As well as teaching and examining A Levels, I have written and helped produce textbooks and have taught undergraduate students in History, Sociology and Research Methodology.  I have also helped hundreds of students with their UCAS personal statements, many of whom have gone onto to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

My favourite part has always been helping students in small groups or one-to-one to really solve a problem or make individual progress and while I can help with the understanding of topics and supplement your classroom teaching, I can really help with exam technique and maximising your marks, whether that's ensuring a pass or pushing an A/B student up to that A*.